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Machining Services

For 37 years Matt Machine has worked with our customers to help reduce costs and improve quality with manufacturing and engineering assistance.

Engineering Assistance

With our experience we have learned that there can be better ways to make a part. Sometimes the cost to benefit ratio may not be worth changing the design. But there can be benefits to discussing the design and end use of the part to ensure efficiency in the manufacturing process.


We machine parts in carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, and other materials. Through our affiliations with local welding, plating, and painting shops, we can provide “one-stop shopping” for your machining needs – taking your parts from raw materials to finished, inspected assemblies ready for use. Our customers come from many fields including medical devices, flow measurement equipment, and electron beam microscopes. Our skilled machinists use MasterCAM® software to program our machines.


Matt Machine can assemble your finished parts with the same standards of quality applied to our machining processes. By entrusting your part assembly to Matt Machine, you can be assured of a proper fit, appropriate choice of fasteners, and adherence to all applicable standards and material certifications. Our assembled parts are subjected to the same level of inspection and certification as individual machined parts.


Matt Machine’s Quality Management System is ISO Certified 9001:2015 TRNA. All of our inspection equipment is calibrated annually and traceable to NIST. including employee tools. We have various inspection equipment placed throughout the shop for ease and efficiency. The entire facility is well-lit with the newest high bay LED’s, giving our employees a better chance of spotting flawed parts. Our building is kept clean and clear of clutter to add to safety and productivity. By suppling our employees with a proper facility and the best equipment, we can better serve our customers.

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